How do you feel about the Censorship?

How do you feel about Big-Tech banning & censoring all movements & discussions of SuperStraight but not LGBTQ+ Movement?

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It’s honestly a huge problem to the point where people low-key go crazy. Obviously some things are worth censoring for the sake of minors or due to plain NSFW content. However the current censorship of people for having the wrong opinion or wrong set of beliefs is going way too far. The people who embrace the censorship will soon be censored themselves in the future.


I would have ended up being gender critical no matter what, but reddit censorship got me there a lot faster.

So how do I feel about censorship? On reddit? I don’t care anymore, because after seeing sub after sub nuked for peaceful gender atheism misconstrued as hate speech I’ve learned not to expect any integrity or respect for any diversity of opinion at all.

How do I feel about it in general? Extremely concerned. It ensures that only the powerful have a voice and violates the spirit of the first amendment.

On the other hand, it makes people wonder what they’e so desperately trying to hide (hint: it’s a lack of logic and evidence).


I think it’s fubar and what’s sad is once they got it in thier dumb little heads there isn’t no reasoning with them… Hell even took down my pertition I had asking for just a chance to get to hear us and not what everyone has told ya… It lasted less then 24 hours guess being superstraight breaks thier rules …smh feels like being on gab all over again


“Gender atheism” is a good way to put it. I have been an atheist for two decades and have expressed disbelief in theist claims without having any real problem. Yet I have been a gender atheist for a few years, and have had over a dozen ACCOUNT SUSPENSIONS (not temp bans, not deleted comments, FULL ACCOUNT SUSPENSIONS) in the past year for talking against the trans movement. These have happened on reddit, twitter, and youtube (I got some overturned in case you are wondering how I could have a dozen suspensions on only three sites; but they keep reporting me until something sticks). Here is an example of what got me my 8th reddit suspension:

"> Ok but trans women are still women?

Glad you asked! And no."

I was literally suspended for saying trans women aren’t women. Whether you believe they are or aren’t, this is not “hate speech.” This is me expressing my world view. I have had similar bans over objectively unhateful things that the infiltrators at these social media sites call “hateful.” I got banned from Twitter for saying “TERF is a slur” and quoting examples of it being used as a slur.

The trans movement is a new age religion based on fantastical claims (men become women by simply uttering it!). And they have an enormous network of censorious mods working at the major tech companies. I don’t know who they are or how they got this much power, but they absolutely must be fought at all costs. Aside from the free speech implications of letting this stand, women are put at risk when women-only rape shelters are coerced into letting men in (or vandalized for refusing), or when female sporting events let men compete. Everyone with a traditional sexuality (which have been redefined such that we have to create the new “super” sexuality terms) is being forced to put people into their dating pool they aren’t attracted to at the risk of being called a bigot. This is one of the most toxic movements I have ever seen – and make no mistake; it is not about protecting dysphoric people. The DSM V puts the estimate of gender dysphoria incidence in the general population at 0.014% AT THE HIGH END. Yet 0.6% of people identify as trans in the US (I have seen a similar percent for other countries). That means that for every legitimate person suffering gender dysphoria, there are at least 42 trenders.

So how do I feel about the censorship? That, among other things, pisses me off. I seek to fight against it and out the people who have abused their networks to get into these positions of power to push a biased agenda. Do not believe for a second they seek to stop “hate speech,” as my examples show that they will suspend accounts for speech that is objectively not hateful. No, it is about limiting human thought by preventing “wrongthink.” They want everyone to buy into their redefinition of our sex-based ontology, and will force us to if we don’t play along. I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe ANYONE has the right to force their world view into my brain.


Yup I’ve lost both my reddit accounts and both twitter accounts and ain’t even gonna try to setup a new account… Let the confused fucks have it :joy:


I think it proves the fallacy of the Market. The owners and employees of these sites use their business to squash debate that they do not like. Parlor is a great example of an Alternative being crushed by a corporate assault that ensured Twitter’s market supremacy.


I’d never used reddit (technically still haven’t), but I read some of the stories on the original r/superstraight and it provoked me into doing the unthinkable and making a reddit account*. When I started to compose my support message the subreddit was up, by the time I finished it was down.

The next thing I did was check my account and buy a new domain. I just couldn’t get the thought of those people who had been abused, finally finding a voice, then having it taken away again within about a week.
Anyway, since then I’ve been ‘woke proofing’ my server and setting up a site not too dissimilar to this (SELinux is annoying :frowning: ) along with all the legal and other stuff you have to take into account to remain out of reach.
When I found out about my internal rage subsided a little and I slowed down on the admin work, but later on there was an issue with cloudflare and it went down long enough for me to redouble my efforts. Just shy of two months later I’m ready and safe to go, when I need to.
Finding this place is a real breath of fresh air, it means I’m not the only one determined to give people their voice back, and can keep my head below the parapet for the time being.

On a broader tech censorship note, the response of the determined has been to decentralise; youtubers are spreading themselves out on to other platforms, or running their own sites. We’ve got how many alt-platforms for twitter now, I can’t keep count. It’s getting to the stage that I think someone needs to develop an indexing site, it acts a a central hub for the content you want without serving any, collating the thumbnails of ‘X’ number of video content creators you want to watch. I’d have a go myself, but the last scraper I worked on was in about 2006 and I’m too busy (read:lazy).

*still feel dirty.


Yeah, we need to track every censorship attempt, especially of private servers by hosting companies that have no business policing politics on a free web. When the tide turns (and it will), we need to go public with these receipts and show people which companies sided with madness and which ones sided with reason and free speech.


I do this on a personal level already, if you or your associates have behaved in an immoral way then I won’t use your services. I am totally google free now. I need suggestions to replace amazon prime then I’m hoping to blackhole any amazon domain for what they did to Parler.
If everyone did it then these companies would find themselves losing what they value most, profit, but that’s like asking everyone to not drop litter or only park their car in the marked parking pays, it just doesn’t work well. That said, it won’t stop me doing it, and some day when someone questions why I behave in such a way that’s an opportunity to bring someone else on board.


Right when reddit banned the original group I went to to set up a pertition and once it gained support and went public they shut it down …:roll_eyes: apparently even nonprofits are bias or under big techs control… Pretty fucking shitty being all I was asking for was for us to simply get the chance to explain ourselves before being banned and dismissed :man_shrugging:t3:


If is being politically selective in who it services, then we should be able to challenge their nonprofit status.


Oh, I could make a petition on to get them investigated for bias for canceling the petition to get the superstraight sub put back up! Would probably be taken down, but it could be fun. Might do it on a Friday evening and hope they don’t have moderators work over the weekend :laughing: