Super Straights: Offensive or Oppressed?

Below is an article on the discovery of the hashtag SuperStraight. As I am researching more and more myself, they insinuate that SuperStraight could be offensive because Straight people are the majority and therefore, the majority could not and cannot be oppressed. That they do not have the right, to state, their preference because it may in fact, oppress the minority.

"After all, we can’t help who we’re attracted to. We’re allowed to have preferences, aren’t we? Of course. But when you perform those preferences in such a way as to victimize a minority group, that’s targetted harassment. "

“It’s offensive because it reinforces the myth that trans people aren’t ‘real.’ ‘Super straights’ shame people for disagreeing with them as ‘super phobic.’ They see this as a clever way of silencing trans people and their advocates.”

I do not agree with this. With the LGBTQ community flooding our everyday lives, workplaces and environment – shoving it down everyone’s throat whom they sleep with and what their preference is and if you don’t agree with it or if you merely comment on it, then you are -phobic.

SuperStraight–in my opinion has nothing to do with being -phobic or harassing’s the other communities. It is simply a label to state, “this is me, in your community and you need to respect that as I am forced to respect you.”

If we treated them, the way they are treating us… just imagine.


I agree with you whole heartedly. We are allowed to have our preferences without being called transphobes. And not just straights, you should see the hateful things the trans community says toward gays and lesbians who don’t prefer to date trans. And this is why we also welcome SuperLesbian, SuperGay, and SuperBi under the same SLGBS (S+) umbrella. People have had enough!

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Saying “it’s not bad when it’s done to the majority because you can’t oppress the majority” is the woke left’s favorite justification for bigotry. They did it for whites too.


Trans is a cult of pleasure. Access to sex is what they want as a right. That is why they say it is “transphobic”.