Support from Trans

I found this on twitter and thought it was interesting. Does anyone have other examples of support from trans? It seems like the vast majority do not. This is the first positive example I have seen.


Here’s another one. Very positive and refreshing. I’m surprised Twitter hasn’t taken it down yet.

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That is awesome, I love it. This is honestly what I want to see; people coming together and respecting each other. I am certainly not against all trans people, but I am against the militance the trans movement has practiced.


It’s one of the things that crossed my mind, going through whatever you have to to reach the point you want to change your sex, doing all you can to just get on with life and stay under the radar, only to have a giant target painted on your back by your ostensible “trans allies”.
We need to set up a “supertrans” safe space so they can get away from the psychos.