This is Shinigami Eyes. We need to take it down

And the github repo: shinigami-eyes (Shinigami Eyes) · GitHub

This is software that superphobes and TRAs use to crowdsource tagging “transphobes” (aka anyone that disagrees with them, even politely). It is used to create a list of targets, which is against the chrome webstore’s ToS. Also, this data tracking is against the UK’s GDPR, which protects users from having their data tracked non-consensually. This data is supposedly encrypted at the user end, but gets sent to the repo devs to “verify” (meaning they can make a full unencrypted list and pass it around in the dark superphobe circles that work tirelessly to get us banned or even fired from our jobs).

Let’s work together to take it down. You can report the app on the chrome webstore here: Shinigami Eyes - Chrome Web Store (Report abuse in the bottom right – mention that this goes against their own policy “Content whose predominant purpose is to single out another person for abuse, malicious attack, or ridicule.” – Developer Program Policies - Chrome Developers)

We can also get it taken down on github here: GitHub Support It is clearly violating their ToS:
“is libelous, defamatory, or fraudulent;” (disagreeing with the trans ideology does not make you transphobic, but they mark people who disagree the same as they mark people who actually hate trans people), " * is discriminatory or abusive toward any individual or group;" – GitHub Acceptable Use Policies - GitHub Docs


Just post it on 4chan, the ADL will be flagged as “transphobic” within 48 hours.


Reported to google. I doubt they will do much tbh.

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